Shutdown Operation Service

Plant shutdowns for major maintenance work are most expensive and time consuming because of the loss of production and a major cash outlay for the plant turnaround and shutdown activities. They can be complex; and as the complexity increases, it becomes more costly and difficult to manage. So for plant turnaround, Ali Yafour Oil & Gas Services can provide experienced consultants, project managers, chief planners, and field planners, quality control engineers to plan and execute the maintenance jobs.

Ali Yafour Oil & Gas Services undertake inspections of your assets according to all international codes and standards allowing your assets to meet the regulated standards even if not statutory. This provides a mark of quality which is representative across the industry, allowing you to achieve operational integrity, and be assured that your assets and personnel are performing to their optimum potential.

From our service, the negative financial impact will be lessen by improving equipment asset reliability, continued production integrity and a reduction in the risk of unscheduled outages or catastrophic failure.

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