Management Team

Mr. Ali Yafour Ghanim Al Mansoori Chairman - Bin Yafour Group

As Chairman of Bin Yafour Group, Mr. Ali is responsible for building sustainable global partnerships and broader business relationships, government outreach and also advising the CEO and board of directors to make decisions on subjects related to business strategy and polices.

Mr. Ali served as the chairman of warehouse department under the Directorate of Public Works- Abu Dhabi. In his years at Directorate of Public Works, Mr. Ali held the chairman of the committee of sale and valuation. He also led the committee for annual inventory planning and records. He is an acknowledged specialist in inventory management and control with a track record of success in achieving significant cost reductions while concurrently improving efficiency to deliver projects on time within budget.

Mr. Ali entrepreneurial drive was evident early on; with setting up business from agriculture through real estate to oil and gas construction in the Middle East and Africa. He holds the position of chairman for Bin Yafour Group of companies comprising of Leo Maintenance & Constructors Co.; Inspection Corrosion Engineering Services and Emirates Global Oil and Gas Services.

Mr. Ali received his M.B.A from Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the United Arab Emirates University. He is currently attending the Glasgow Caledonian University to complete his Ph.D. program in Quality Management.

Mr. Arthur Mendonca CEO - Ali Yafour Oil and Gas Services

With above 40 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Mendonca is a veteran in the mechanical construction, inspection and testing field. He is a visionary thinker with global perspective and entrepreneurial drive. Throughout his entrepreneur career, he has contributed to enterprise level planning and decision making. He has effective executed and wholly accountable in high profile executive roles for the group. Under his leadership, the company has grown exponentially and fully equipped to meet the operational challenges in oil and gas sector.

Mendonca joined Ali Yafour Oil and Gas services Board of Directors following the company's merger with Leo Maintenance & Constructors Co. in March 2014. He is also the founder and chairman of Inspection Corrosion Engineering Services; an industry leader providing Non-Destructive and Destructive testing in oil and gas sector. He is the mentor and holds the position of chairman for Emirates Global Oil and Gas Services, an inspection agency focusing on vendor inspection, third party inspection and QA/QC services for various clients in the Middle East.

Mendonca serves on the board of church of music. He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Madras in 1969. He is keen to update, implement and transfer the latest trends in industry to the group. He is married and lives in Doha, Qatar.

Dr. Hussein Abdelaal Salem Gharib CFO - Bin Yafour Group

Dr. Hussein has over 20 years of experience in finance and operational leadership with civil construction and oil & gas projects in the Middle East. Dr. Hussien has strong orientations in operations and finance. His role as CFO at Bin Yafour Group extends but not limited to participate and advice in financial aspects involved in high level operational initiatives, infrastructure design, reorganization of existing business, integration for standalone businesses of subsidiaries/ divisions and strategic business units—start-up, acquisition, rapid growth and culture change.

Prior joining Ali Yafour Oil and Gas Services, Dr. Hussein served as lecturer in the department of audit and accounting at Suez Canal University, Egypt. Dr. Huseein held various financial and executive positions at subsidiaries of Bin Yafour Group including the financial advisory board for Emirates Global Oil and Gas Services and Inspection Corrosion and Engineering Services. Dr. Hussein holds a doctorate degree in accounting from Suez Canal University, Egypt.

Mr. Pavin Padmanabhan Director - Emirates Global Oil and Gas Services

Pavin is a qualified metallurgist and a mechanical engineer with indepth knowledge in oil and gas construction, inspection and maintenance. His focus is to accomplish Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) and hence shrink the cycle time between planning and implementation for maintenance operation in oil and gas sector. He is an expert in project management solutions such as global sourcing, strategic planning, governance, project management/prioritization and intense monitoring of value drivers encompassing both operational and financial constraint.

Prior joining as Director at Emirates Global Oil and Gas Services, Pavin held several senior roles with major oil and gas client as senior failure analyst, inspection specialist, material researcher, and senior metallurgist in the U.K, Middle East and Asia. His eagerness to roll up his sleeves and work in cross-functional teams on the challenging issues in operations was always valued within the group.

Pavin holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree with honors in materials research from Queen Mary’s University of London. He is also a TWI certified inspection engineer qualified to do surveys of in-service industrial oil and gas plants. As part of updating the business models and developing feasible strategy for the group progress; Pavin is pursuing his M.B.A with majors in marketing.

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